A review of 2012 Artworks by Gonzalo Golpe

Welcome to this review of some of the artworks that I made in 2012. Hope you like it ;)
Your Beauty
Work in Progress Video
1 Project (detail).
In November 29th, 2011 I begun this artwork which I called 1 Project. My intention was the representation of the idea of communication and connection. Beyond the different personalities or egos that each human being has, all of us share something between all of us.
At the end of 2012 the project has turned in a new way. I decided that each artwork that I made, whatever the content and form it has, will continue this big image. As an artists, we create many artworks and we see an evolution. In my particular case I´ve taken the decision to show you in one artwork the whole production which I´m going to make and see that evolution in a different way. One artwork made by many artworks. 
Visit www.unocirculo.com to see the whole project ;)
The Potala Palace
Alejandro Jodorowsky Caricature
Amy Winehouse caricature
El Dorado
Tower of Hercules
Journey Game Fan Art
Journey Game Fan Art
Journey Game Fan Art
Journey Game Fan Art
Flower Game Fan Art
Flower Game Fan Art
Mass Effect 3 Game Fan Art
Stop Shark Finning Poster
Hispano Suiza H6C
Daft Punk
Concept Ship
Concept Ship
Concept Characters
Remote Kontrol
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